More Details on FarmOroad

Non Stock valve cover.  Horn showing in lower right beside radiator.  Serial number plate on driver side firewall.

Some detail photos and information that may be useful in your restoration. If you have details that should be added send them to me.

Windshield insert is made of tempered masonite, wiper mounts are steel plates.  Misc other windshield details.

Right mount for license plate, two of these are used to mount the license plate frame so it can be lifted off when the bed is removed to mount equipment on the frame

Windshield mount for front to back top bow braces.

Grab bar on passenger side seat

Control levers etc.  Seat bracket is missing  front  adjustment hole so seat frames will tilt forward.

Chain drive off transfer case to drive front PTO, thr rear PTO can be seen connected to rear of the feed sprocket.

Transfer case mount and general detail around transfer case

Linkage for PTO, transfer case shifter and general area.

Optional Hydraulic pump on front of engine crank pulley

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