The core of this list of dealers came from a copy of a copy of a hand written list dated 1977.  Where all the information came from is unknown but I got the list from an East coast fellow that bought and sold Crosley parts in the 70s and 80s.  He checked out many of the dealers on the original list, so don't use the list to track down long lost stashes, they are gone.  The list was heavy on East of the Mississippi, probably because of the source of the primary list.  I added dealers I had references for in my files.  Many of the dealer ads came from Mike Banks from old micro film and several other sources, including my files. Thanks to all that have sent me additional dealers for the list, keep them coming.

I have heard numbers in the 800-1000 range for the number of dealers at the peak but that doesn't count the dealers that came and went during the production years.  We are currently at 625 dealers a fraction of the total that must have existed during the 1939-52 time frame.

If you have corrections or additions to the list  eMail them to me directly.  Additional photos of dealer lots or ads would be appreciated, please scan and send them to me for inclusion.

The photo above was sent to dealers on August 4th 1947 as an example of how to use the 1947 gasoline shortage to draw attention to the Crosley. The dealer was located in Cincinnati, OH, not one on our current list, one possibility is a dealer called American.  Ring a bell for anyone?  Were they in Cincinnati?



Last modified: April, 3rd 2015.