Air Vents on Hot Shots and Super Sports

bltlar 11/21/00 2:33 am

I have seen some HS & SS with air doors just ahead of the cockpit on the sides. Which had these or should. My 50 HS has none. Should it??

cacracer 11/21/00 9:32 am

I can only attest that my 1951 Crosley SS is accurate and it does contain the air vents that you are referring to....hope this helps! Christopher Shoemaker

chuckhk1941 - 11/21/00 11:43 am

I have a 49 HS & 52 SS -- Both have vent doors. I've seen some on the rear Q-pannels that have been closed. Quess they used front fenders on the rear.

tmkldwwj 11/21/00 4:29 pm

I have a 51 hot shot that is pretty much all original (and in need of some extensive restoration). It has no vent doors and no evidence that any ever existed.

imperial51 11/21/00 9:33 pm

I have a 50 Hot Shot with the doors. These cars were basically hand built and I don't think any two were exactly the same. It is quite possible that your car never had them although most did. Greg Acker

MNCrosley 11/22/00 1:19 pm

No evidence of any roadsters without vents. I have seen one with a totally overdone restoration that got rid of the body seams and vents without leaving a visible mark. Fred S

tmkldwwj 11/22/00 2:47 pm

Look at my picture of Norman below you will see my roadster on arrival. I have a complete history of the car and no restoration was ever done on it. You will see it has no vents. As was said before, nothing is normal for a Crosley.