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49 HS Rear Suspension

khoover098 9/10/00 4:23 am

I have my hotshot tore down to the frame and it appears the rear suspension has been changed. Did the hot shot have lever shocks? Mine has the coil springs, half leaf springs & regular set of shocks. The reason I'm asking is the top of the shocks comes thru the wheel wells about an inch or so. Also the coil spring saddles looks like they have been cut and welded. Any info would help. Thanks. Kenny

Jim_Bollman 9/10/00 8:17 pm

It sounds basically correct. The Hot Shot and Super Sports have a single leaf and coil springs with tube shocks. Not sure about the rest of your description. The spring saddle mounts are a bit crude. Jim...

khoover098 9/11/00 12:43 am

Thanks for the info Jim. Crosley people are the best. My wife got a call today from a guy that has a Hotshot restored and invited me to come take a look. He only lives about 10 miles away. That is really going to help out a lot. I'm sure he got my number from the member roster that was just sent out. Thanks to all involved. Kenny