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Square Grill Super Sport?

iamrustless 2/3/02 10:06 pm

Has anyone ever seen a Super Sport with a square grill? Supposedly for racing?

tmkldwwj 2/4/02 9:33 am

There are Super Sports and hotshots out there with a number of different grill styles. Of course all were after factory add ons. If you look on you will see one listed.

iamrustless 2/4/02 11:45 pm

Wow, I shouldn't have looked at that site....too many for sale! Glad I have one already..... My grill is different from all of those.....guess only the guys that put them in know the full story. Regards, Hal

Jim_Bollman 3/3/02 7:07 pm

Several companies made these after market grills including Braje. Jim...

Other Grills

pgwoosley - 6/24/2002
There are some pictures of a Hotshot in the San Diego Automotive Museum with a nice grill on the front.  Does anyone know if this grill was official Crosley, such as the car being a prototype? Here is a link.
chuckhk1941 - 6/24/2002
The grill in the photo is a Braje grill--I have one in my SS---
Jim Bollman - 5/24/2002
Looks like the popular after market grill that Braje sold for $24.95. Since the engine is heavily dressed up with other Braje parts it fits.  I especially like the alternator that was added to the engine.
The VC models never had a factory grill, and it wasn't needed if the air scoop and radiator side cardboards are in place.