VC - Air Scoop

Air Scoop Guard

bltlar 3/18/01 10:29 am

Could anyone tell me the measurements of the air scoop guard? It appears 25" ctrs for 3/8 bolts. What is the diameter? How far down? Overall length of tube? Am thinking of making a stainless for the HS. Thank you!! Larry

phil39_2001 3/19/01 3:07 pm

If you haven't received an answer to this, here are rough dimensions of that on my car: Tubing diam. 7/8 in. Depth 4-1/2 inches. Bend radius 3 in. Overall length 32 inches. Phil

bltlar 3/19/01 4:46 pm

Thank you Phil. You were the ONLY one to reply. Thanks again. Might make more than just mine. A number of people have asked me about them. Will try to make of stainless steel and polish like chrome. Won't rust that way. Larry


Sheet Metal Under Bumper?

iamrustless 2/22/02 7:09 pm

When I was helping the new owner of my project Super Sports load it onto the trailer, I noticed a piece of sheet metal that was located under the front bumper area, and seemed to be there to deflect air up towards the radiator. Is this a stock item? My new one is missing this piece. Also, my seats appear to be different than the ones in the project car. Mine have no springs in the back, and there is a rubber bumper? on the tunnel side of both seats. The seats seem to sit closer to the doors,with a gap on the tunnel side. Do I have the wrong seats? Sure is scary buying a car outside your field of knowledge! Hal

tmkldwwj 2/23/02 6:47 am

I believe what you were looking at was what was called the air scoop. This was on Hot Shot and Super Sports models to channel air up to the radiator since these cars did not have a grille. Since your car has been customized with a grille, it may no longer be necessary. If, however, you decide to replace it, Tim Freshley makes replacement sheet metal parts including the air scoop parts. You can find him on the same page you found Dave Edwards. By the way, my parts arrived from Dave in only 2 days, packed securely and everything was just as promised. Overall a great buying experience, I wll buy from him whenever possible.


Scoop Color

deannatipton Jun 7, 2002 5:09:11 PM

Need to know the proper color of the air scoop. Should it be the same color of the car or black. Can't seem to remember.

Thanks, Deanna

mncrosley Jun 10, 2002 8:31:04 PM

Deanna: the air scoop is black, sorry for getting to you late.

Fred S