Panel Delivery

What Year?

chuckhk1941 2/13/02 4:53 pm

Does anyone know-what years made & how many made?? Thanks, Chuck.

Jim_Bollman 2/13/02 7:13 pm

The Panel Delivery was made every year but 39, 40, 46 and 47. They made a Parkway delivery in 40 but not technicality a panel delivery. Some Panel Deliveries registered as 47s are technically 48s as is all 47 wagons, they were introduce in November of 47 as 48 models. I have never seen a break down of production numbers for Panel Deliveries broke out from Pickups. Jim...

chuckhk1941 2/14/02 5:35 pm

It's official--I know own this truck-ID #(Looks like orig.plate)# says early 1949--it has 3 bar grill--also has mechanical brakes ????????

Jim_Bollman 2/14/02 7:05 pm

Chuck, sounds like you have a mate to my 49 wagon. It is also an early production. Crosley did not switch to Disk Brakes till Early May of 49. Production on 49 models started in November 48. My early 49 has the round gauges in the CC/VC style. Not sure when they switched to square but I know it was before the brakes as I had a 49 sedan with the square gauge and mechanical brakes. Jim...