Crofton Engines

rsrendfeld 1/5/01 10:51 am

ttdjm has posted some photos of Crofton sales pamphlets. on one page there is a mention of a 53cu in 45hp CROFTON engine. Is the 53 cid 45hp engine based on the CROSLEY block?? Is it a bolt in replacement for the car engine. The sales lit mentions HD rear axle, brakes and other parts. How much of a CROFTON is interchangeable with the CROSLEY Car.

speedoo51 1/5/01 5:10 pm

Crofton 53 ci with 45 hp was the same as the 44 except bore was 2.75, same as Homelite, keeping the 2.25 stroke. Don't know if was lefthand ports or standard right or if came either way. I have Crofton sales pamphlets listing the engine for boat applications. The Homelite I looked at had more material on outside of block, between the waterjacket covers and the mounting flange. There is not enough room for the hold down nuts so they drilled and tapped from flange face side and screwed in studs that were long enough to go all the way through to main caps! I imagine that the Crofton 53 was done the same way. The Homelite also had a camshaft that was twice the size of a Crosley but kept the same gear drive.