Wise Words

vc30323 10/23/00 11:13 pm

One of the most important (and hardest) lessons a car person can earn is: RARE DOES NOT MEAN VALUABLE. Acquire a car because you love it. Period. Jim H.


Sparking Conversations

Crosley_AZ 10/18/98 8:34 pm

I went to a local auto swap meet here Saturday and took along a "cobra" motor I have to see if it sparked any conversation. BOY it sure did! The engine is in fairly good shape rust wise, but would need a rebuild. The oil pan and valve cover were off to show folks the inner workings. I did get several leads on Crosley parts, cars and pickups in AZ and CA. I also have had contact(on the internet) with a fellow that claims to have an excellent generator motor, *but* I can't get out of him where he lives, claims he will send pics and doesn't. Communication has stopped since I told him Crosley club members are in Most states and areas and I was sure I could get 1 to view the engine for me. This has gone on for nearly a month, I wonder ?? ?