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Chassis Identifying

crosleyhotrod 11/19/01 11:44 pm

Hi folks from California here, I've got a complete Crosley chassis, with running gear, very similar to what's been on eBay this last week. It came from an estate on the coast here in California, the previous owner had attempted to put some type of "speedster" body on it--must have used beer cans for sheet metal--it was that bad, what wasn't already rusted away. So anyways, my plan is to build a custom bodied roadster out of it--I have metal working experience, but I'm trying to determine what year it is--It came with a cast iron block engine in the car, as well as one and a half spare engines (also cast iron). It has drum hydraulic brakes, and a "half" leaf spring suspension in the rear end. I need to do a complete rebuild of both motors and disassemble, sand-blast paint, etc, the whole chassis, but I am wondering as to what year, or what range of years this chassis could be. I understand the serial number was stamped on the firewall, but I don't have one. Can anyone point me in the direction to narrow this down? I don't believe that the engine in the car was the "original" engine, necessarily. Thanks

crosley52 11/20/01 7:10 am

Crosley went to hydraulic brakes in mid 1950 through the end of production in 1952..Ron

tmkldwwj 11/20/01 2:36 pm

If I may make a small suggestion, a picture of your chassis would go a long way toward recognizing what you have. Your description of the rear sounds like a roadster suspension.

speedoo51 11/20/01 9:22 pm

I think Hyd brakes were mid-year 49; pre-war and post war Crosleys used quarter-eliptic rear springs-Hotshots and Super Sports had single leaf with a coil spring.

Jim_Bollman 11/20/01 9:37 pm

Crosley switched to Hydraulic Disk brakes in mid 49 and switched to 9" Hydraulic Drum brakes in mid 50 after corrosion problems in Northern states and used them till the end of production in mid 52. The half leaves were used on all the normal production models. The roadsters and Farm-O-Roads had different rear spring setups. The cast iron blocks were standard from mid 49 on and most earlier years were converted. Jim...

speedoo51 11/22/01 7:07 pm

OOPS! Forgot all about the discs!!! The discs must have been a big improvement, especially if one was used to the 6" mech...I imagine that the 9" hyd must feel like power brakes!! Seb.


Another Chassis to ID

WCA1953 11/21/01 4:30 pm

I have purchased a Crosley chassis that

has a title with it. The ID number for the title does not match the ID number on the engine. Is it true that the ID number for the body does not match the engine number? I have hydraulic brakes that appear to be 6" in diameter. The engine number is 44807 with no VC or CC stamped in the block. This is a four cylinder cast iron block with a Tillotson carb. Sorry no body to help with ID.

chuckhk1941 11/21/01 5:31 pm

The ID # on the title will match the body # -not the engine #--

bltlar 11/21/01 5:48 pm

The body, (VIN number) will match the title. The engine number is a separate number and will not show on title or anything. The VIN tag was on the engine side firewall top center. If you did not get this vin tag the title is no good. E-mail and I'll tell you how to fix. Larry bltlar@alltltel.net

Jim_Bollman 11/26/01 7:16 pm

You got your ID question answered. The serial number on the engine shows it to probably be a 1948. The regular Crosley hydraulic brakes were 9" but there was a kit to turn the 6" mechanical brakes into hydraulics. Jim...

speedoo51 11/26/01 8:34 pm

Kit to convert 6" mech to hyd..interesting..must have made a difference.. Thanks Jim, I like to find out these little facts!! Seb.


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