Towing Your Crosley

Front Wheels Not Tracking

hermnels4 11/26/99 3:01 pm

I towed my Crosley with a wish-bone type tow bar,and ruined my left front tire. Seems the tires locked during my first turn and wouldn't straighten out. On a lift the tires turn easily from the steering wheel,but when turned from the front wheel they turn easily BUT they lock at the full turn position and can only be released at the steering wheel. IS THERE ANY ADJUSTMENT THAT CAN BE MADE TO FREE THE WHEELS FOR TOWING?

chuckhk1941 11/26/99 3:22 pm

Your problem is the front wheels are turning to far to the left & right. Older cars had steering stops on the L&R spindles. You must stop the wheels from turning to far. This should cure your problem.

chuckhk1941 11/29/99 10:23 pm

All a steering stop is-is a bolt or stud mounted on the spindle or on the axle. It stops the travel of the wheels when the spindle hits it. You must use one on the L&R side. Most cars(40's on back)had them. Try going to an older garage in your area , ask to see an old repair book. They will be more than happy to help,I Hope!!!!

silkytwo_99 11/29/99 11:01 pm

I was told by Trainnut that towing a Crosley is a bad idea. Rear wheels on the ground (dolly) the rear end runs too fast and burns up. Front wheels on the ground (dolly) the steering box breaks and the car can flip. A light weight trailer can carry a Crosley.

Crosley Towing

pauleastwood2 - 11/18/2004 6:43 PM
I need to tow a '48 Crosley pickup truck from Illinois to Texas. Does anyone know what size trailer I will need. I have heard that they will fit in the back of a fullsize truck, but I prefer not to tow it this way.
bltlar - 11/18/2004 7:34 PM
My 48 PU is 4"under 12ft bumper to bumper. If this helps.
pauleastwood2 - 11/18/2004 8:21 PM
How long is it from front tires to rear tires and from right side to left side? Will it fit on a 10ft long by 4ft wide trailer?
billsgarage - 11/18/2004 10:50 PM
I use a 5' X 12', single axle, utility trailer to haul my Crosleys....I  would not want to go any smaller myself....A 4' wide trailer will not be wide enough, especially if it has side rails.
c.scheberies - 11/18/2004 11:15 PM
The problem I had trailering my Crosley was finding a trailer that could accommodate the narrow 40 inch side to side track.  The Crosley is extremely narrow.You should have no trouble with a flat-bed trailer.  My trailer has 10 foot long rails and I ended up adding a third rail just to fit the Crosley.
JimBollman - 11/19/2004 5:39 PM
A 48 pickup has a 80 inch wheelbase (center of axle to center of axle) and a 40 inch tread (to the center of the tires).  Weighs around 1200 lbs.  A trailer shorter than 12 foot long will be more of a challenge to tie down. With the hubcaps off it will fit between the sides of a 4 foot trailer if the sides and fenders do not extend high enough to hit the body when it rocks on the springs.  the body is about 48" wide so you would ruin the doors or rockers if the trailer fenders extend above the floor more than a few inches. If you change your mind and want to haul it in the back of a pickup it will fit in an 8 foot bed with the rear tires on the tailgate.  You should put planks or rails down to distribute the weight off the tailgate on a trip of that length.  With the amount of overhang you will probably want a 3/4 ton pickup or a 1/2 ton with overload springs.
bugger5913 - 11/22/2004 1:10PM
I have used graingers tilt bed golf cart/ utility trailer since 1998 and put over 20,000 miles on it hauling Crosleys. The trailer make is NuWay. Word of caution, the deck is just long enough for 85" (VC) wheel base Buggers, you will need to add 3 1/16 steel X 2" wide flat bars to both sides, then I use 5/8 green wood decking (plywood)+ ramps and blocks to support the end of the trailer while tilting. This trailer cost me $600.00 and it has more than paid for itself.
pauleastwood2 - 12/03/2004 6:43 PM
Thanks to everyone who replied to my post about towing a Crosley truck. My trip to Illinois and back to Texas went great. I am sure you will here plenty from me as I try to bring this truck back to life.