tmkldwwj 12/7/01 3:43 pm

After a few weeks of waiting, my title from the state of Pennsylvania for my Hot Shot came in the mail. After trying every way that my local notary knew, I went to Broadway title company. They did all the preliminary paperwork. I took it to my notary and a few weeks later, I now have an official title from Pennsylvania. Based on this, I would recommend the services of Broadway title company.

crosleyhotrod 12/7/01 5:00 pm

How exactly does the "title company" thing work??? How can a company create an ownership document?? I need to get my Crosley chassis registered here in California, before I sink too much money into something that I may or may not register. Has anyone from California used a title company for their Crosley?? I have absolutely no paperwork, not even a serial number because I don't even have a body.

dccrosley 12/7/01 10:29 pm

Surely someone here would be willing to sell you a serial plate from a junker relatively cheap. Check out Broadway Titles' web page. They explain exactly what they do and how they go about it. It works! Then,you can put your serial # on the body of your choice. Good Luck to you, David.

tmkldwwj 12/10/01 8:47 am

From the way it appears, you technically "sell" the car to them, that is you sign a bill of sale to them. I think what they do is register the car in their state in their name, and then "sell" the car to you. They then issue a clean bill of sale to you and you then take it to your notary and transfer it to your state. It is somewhat pricey at 139.00 but it does work!