Stolen Cars

Stolen 1949 Hot Shot Motor #107144

rhartman2_92651 1/7/00 3:08 pm

Dear Crosley Club Members:

My Crosley Hotshot was taken from a storage yard in Ontario, California several months ago when I was living in Arizona. Now that I have moved back to CA, I have found that a tow truck owner in Ontario removed the car and supposedly sold it to someone in Arizona. He will not tell me who purchased this car. He should have a record of the sale and I will be taking him to court shortly to get him to produce this information. He was told the car had been abandoned. This of course was not true. My Crosley was not in good shape and probably worth very little money. However, it had belonged to my Aunt and Uncle and my Aunt gave it to me many years ago upon my uncle's death. This vehicle does have many family memories and I would like to get it back. If any of you have heard about anyone getting this car I would appreciate hearing from you. I am not upset with the person who purchased the car. However the seller had no ownership papers for the car. I just want the car back and will tow the car back to California if I can find it in one piece. Thanks for your help. Robert Hartman