Shipping a Crosley

Best Shipping for a Crosley?

iamrustless 2/4/02 11:12 pm

Who would you more experienced guys recommend for shipping a running Crosley from Tenn. to Conn? Thanks for any tips, Hal

ahotrod2001 2/5/02 9:47 am

Hal, I put mine in the back of my dually pickup. I drove from Florida to Iowa, put it in the pickup, and drove it home to Florida, what a blast! Glenn

Jim_Bollman 2/5/02 8:12 pm

I agree with ahotrod, haul it your self if possible. If you are careful loading you can carry any Crosley in the back of a 3/4 ton pickup. The back wheels sit on the tailgate and on a long trip you may want to lay 2X10s down to park on to spread the weight on the tailgate. If you don't have access to a pickup I would rent a cube truck from Penskies (sp) Truck Rental (not U-Haul, if you want to know why ask me off the public form). If you insist on paying to have it hauled be sure the person you hire actually owns a truck/trailer to haul it and is insured and all. I had a Willys FC170 hauled by what was billed as a large transportation company. They turned out to be a clearing house that took a cut and farmed the job out to Wildcat drivers that had bad equipment and not much responsibility. My 2 week delivery took all summer and showed up with damaged that I was never paid for. I was luck that the seller was willing to store it for me for free and even transport it to another location for easier pickup. The driver ended up in jail and the truck load of vehicles in a police impound yard. I lost a whole summer of fun with the truck to save a few hundred and a lot of frustration. Even though it was even further that your haul and a bigger vehicle I would go get it myself if I had to do it over. In fact a year or so later I did on another FC that was about 900 miles away. Another option if the value of the car does not warrants a big outlay, check out the following group. I watch the list and it has worked for a few people. Jim...

iamrustless 2/5/02 9:45 pm

I have a problem staying awake on long trips, and don't have anyone available to ride shotgun and keep me awake....I don't much care for Uhaul either, have had some experiences with shabby equipment, and now that they take a thumbprint every time you want to rent....I feel like they just want too much personal info. Regards, H;.