Rust Removal


Jim_Bollman 3/09/02 10:57 pm

Here is the new derusting site URL

I played with this and was amazed at how well it worked. A cam that I was going to throw away, it looked like it had been outside in the weather for a few years, came out after 2 hours and a little bit of light scrubbing looking good enough to use. I tried it on a bumper bracket that had even thicker rust, with some house paint on top over part of it. 2 hours took off all the rust and 90% of the paint (because it was on top of rust). I think another couple hours and it will be completely clean. To see how invasive the process was I left a rusty wrench in for 20+ hours. The wrench came out clean and no sign of loosing any good metal. In case you can't tell I'm sold.