Removing POR 15

rrepik 10/31/01 10:40 pm

Any one have suggestions for removal of POR 15 from fingers.Right, I didn't read the directions, impatience has its price. Thanks Rob rrepik@erinet or rrepik@yahoo.

speedoo51 11/1/01 8:40 pm

Suggestions for removal of POR 15 from fingers. Time; severe scrubbings; 400 grit wet or dry sandpaper.!!.[wet, burns less]!!!LOL. Seb.

rrepik 11/1/01 10:27 pm

Now that I have glasses I can read the fine print that says cannot be removed by any solvent. LOL. But I found out how good it really works!

chuckhk1941 11/2/01 12:41 pm

A cheap pair of rubber gloves works fine to keep the POR off your hands-give it a month or two,It will wear off. Been there-Done it.