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UrsaMajor_98 11/15/98 7:14 am

When I was stationed at Fort Knox, Ky (1951-52) there was Crosley stock car racing, indoors, during the winter at the Louisville Armory. Does anybody out there remember that or that might have been involved in it? Bear

eldridge 11/25/98 1:26 pm

Considering how few Crosleys there were in the first place, these races probably did in a goodly number of these cute little vehicles. Stock car racers are usually not good at preserving their vehicles. My guess is that stock car races will become extinct or vastly different when all that there is left to race are front wheel drive cars. I can't see that there will be enough Crown Vics and Impalas to sustain the sport. Of course, Sport-Utes will have to go somewhere.

UrsaMajor_98 11/26/98 8:16 am

Eldridge...You are correct, stock car car racing did in a lot of what are now collector vehicles. Just the process of creating a stock racer destroyed a car for any other use. To the best of my knowledge there is no longer any "stock" racing, although it is still identified by that name. I never again ran across any part of the country that raced Crosleys and I am not sure that it ran more than a couple of seasons during the winter in Louisville. I am unable to remember the names of the guys that had the car that I was a "groupy" with. I do remember going up to the announcers box to protest the call that named the car that was in second place the winner! Our driver had lapped the field, all but the car behind him and he was just about to lap him on the last lap when the finish line was crossed. Thanks for your response....Bear

crosleykid 11/26/98 10:00 pm

I just sold a former Crosley Stock Car yesterday to a person that was involved in Stock Car racing in 1951 and 1952. This car was suppose to have raced indoors in Cincinnati at Cincinnati Gardens,however; I can't find proof of it. It is marked number 11, has the headlights blocked off with metal plates and the passenger door bolted shut. The back cover of the Spring/summer Crosley Quarterly of 1986 makes reference to Crosley Stock Car races in Milwaukee. I have also heard of Crosley racing in Louisville, but again I don't have in positive information. Doug Doty

Crosley_AZ 12/9/98 8:26 am

Last couple of days a pair of engine guys have been in my shop wrestling with a 428 in a Shebly Mustang. I have my 48 and 51 Wagons in here. We got to talking and this one guy remembers in Chicago in 1950-51, there were some dirt races promoted by Andy Granitelli. There was a Crosley there that won quite often because it was a small track and in a wreck the Crosley could skate thru and keep going. He says the car would out power some of the flat head 6 motored cars. The Crosley's number was: "1/2".... my $.02, Tony


 Sebring - Which won at 1st Sebring ?

wyye 7/28/99 4:07 pm

Which Crosley won that 1st Sebring Race, a Hot Shot, or a Super Sport ? Which model-year was the car, 49, 50, or 51 ? Please include info source or reference.
email is < > Thank you, wyye

trainnut2 7/29/99 5:44 pm

It was a 1949 Hot Shot serial# 10162. I own the car. Barry Seel Walnutport, Pa.