F o r / Crofton production

woodsmownmachine 1/19/01 9:58 pm

I read that only 250 Crofton Bugs were built. Is that true? also How many FarmOroads were built? Does anyone have an estimate of how many still exist? How much are they sold for?...assuming someone ever sells one. Best regards, Warren

Jim_Bollman 2/4/01 7:17 pm

Sorry for the long delay between when the question was asked and I got around to looking up an answer. I came across a statistical method for making estimates of production based on existing serial numbers. I have used this on some models that I knew the production numbers on and found it to be fairly good, usually underestimating slightly if you don't have enough serial numbers. I ran the known serial numbers for FarmOroads as of 1998 through the equation and came up with 578 with 77 serial numbers. So I would guess under 600 is a fair guess. While we are at it I ran Crofton numbers through the same formula in 1993 and got 192 with only 23 serial number. So the 250 estimate in your note is probably close. I should get the latest numbers from the registries and recalculate these numbers. Jim...


Pick up Production

Crosley_AZ 10/8/00 11:03 pm

I know I have read the vehicle production numbers some where. I cannot find them. Can any body point me in the correct direction ?

Jim_Bollman 10/9/00 9:06 pm

Pickup Production
1946 - 8
1947 - 3182
1948 - 2836
1949 - 287
1950 - 405
1951 - 783
1952 - 391

These may be calendar year or model not sure. I believe they were from Wards Yearbook or some such. Jim...