Mr. Zero

eldridge 10/15/98 11:26 pm

I recall when I was in Elementary school, cerca 1949-55, there was a character who used to come by the playground and pass out candy bars of some company or another. He was a "little person", maybe a dwarf or maybe a midget, who went by the name of "Mr. Zero" and he drove a Crosley green station wagon with wood paneling. This was in Liberty, Missouri, though I suppose he traveled in several states. Zero bars are made by Hershey now, but I think they and others were made by the Hollywood Candy Co. at the time. Does anyone remember this?

Jim_Bollman 10/15/98 11:45 pm

I have a picture of Mr Zero next to a Crosley Hot Shot somewhere, it was a give away type picture. He must have went through a few cars over the years.