Model Differences

BARNlll 9/22/99 8:11 pm

I will admit to not knowing very much about Crosleys.I want to know If the Hot Shot and Super Sports used the same frame as the other models? What about the pick up and FarmOroad? What kind of transmission did the FOR have? and did it have any pto's? What information is there on Braje speed equipment? or about the pre war motors? what about the PUP? Can the 6 1/2 clutch interchange with the earlier clutch?

trainnut2 9/22/99 9:14 pm

The Hot Shot and Super Sport used the same frame. The car, pick up, and wagon used a shorter frame with a different rear suspension. The FOR used a different rear altogether. the FOR had a 6 speed trans, and usually a rear pto. You should contact Jim Bollman about info on the FOR. You will have to contact Paul Gorrell about the Pup. the 6 1/2 clutch will interchange if you have the flywheel also.

Jim_Bollman 9/23/99 9:17 pm

The Hot Shot and Super Sports share the same frame. The sedan, wagon and pickup share the same frame with slight modifications to the rear rails for the pickup. The FOR frame is completely different than any other model. All models have the same 3 speed non syncro transmission. There were some small changes to the transmission through the years. The FOR adds a 2 speed 4:1 transfer case behind the 3 speed. The transfer case gives the output shaft for a rear power takeoff and a sprocket for a front pto both optional. The 6 1/2" clutch is only interchangeable if you switch flywheels and pressure plate. What do you want to know about the Pup? The club has a series of booklets available that I edited back in the 70s that give a good overview of the different models and years, lots of pictures. They cover all the years plus the FOR in 8 booklets and a total of 76 pages. The full set cost $15. Jim...

BARNlll 9/24/99 5:50 pm

Thank You for the information. I will be sending in a membership application this weekend. I will also order the books too!

BARNlll 9/25/99 8:30 pm

I guess I would like to know about the size,frame drive train,ect. Also the other types of vehicles Crosley made for WWll.Check out our ID Page for general info.