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Looking for past history on H Mod

stevie_22847 12/15/01 9:08 am

Hi Everyone,

I am still looking for any past history on my H Mod race car the one whose pictures are in the album under race cars. It was sold at public auction in Dover Ohio from the John A. Larson Collection. Any info or info on other family members will greatly appreciated. Thanks to all and have A Very Happy Holidays!

lotuseleven 12/18/01 6:51 pm

Hi Stevie;

I've been searching (10 yrs. now)

for a Lotus Eleven that my dad owned 60 - 63 that had a 750 Crosley and ran in H-Mod. I was able to little by little get info. by going to vintage races in my area and through archives from my regional club. Eventually I was able to contact most of the guys he used to race with. If you go to any of your regional vintage races original pictures of your car should help. In my case guys that raced back then in other classes (and are still racing) remembered my dads car from the pics I had with me. Good luck with your search. Sincerely. Don Tiana

lotuseleven 1/26/02 10:16 am

Still searching for my dad's old Lotus Eleven with a 750 Crosley. I've had some reports that the car was last seen in N. Hollywood, CA. in the early 70's. I've checked with a lot of the wrecking yards in the area for both car and engine (I know engine block #). I guess my question is, is their anything else that motor could be used for or does anyone have any other suggestions. I've run ads in the Crosley Newsletter as well as some other various publications.

crosleycamfollower 1/26/02 11:32 am

Well, this is a long shot, but it amazes me. Try driving a Crosley around the town or towns that you think the car might be close to. In my travels just by driving a Crosley around the town that I was working in, I have found Crosleys and parts for Crosleys in Topeka, Chyenne, Fargo, some town in Virginia, Houston, Atlanta and a few others I forgot just by people coming up to me at a convience store and saying " You know, I know someone who has a Crosley" and we swap stories and go on our way. I would never have found Crosleys or parts just by looking in the paper of those towns. Like I said its a long shot but you seem to really want to find this car. You could even pay someone to drive around all day in a Crosley in most of the towns where you think the car might be close to. I really hope you find the car and I wish there was someway I could help further, good luck, CCF.

lotuseleven 1/26/02 3:49 pm

Thanks, I think it is a good suggestion and certainly worth a try.

bltlar 1/26/02 8:43 pm

Saw a fellow with open trailer with Isetta & sign saying he was looking for small cars. He stopped and bought few gallons of gas at each filling station. That was how he found his cars. Said it worked great. He was from Ohio & saw him in Georgia and he had a list of cars & people to see on way home. Larry

rwright24127 1/27/02 6:01 am

This might help with what CCF wrote, Try taking a Crosley to the local car shows and see what happens. I personally found parts and other people who had Crosleys at these shows. I took mine before restoring it and it was a lot of help. Ron

tinyauto2 1/27/02 6:39 am

Did this guy have dreadlocks and pulling the trailer with a Subaru station wagon? Kevin.

bltlar 1/27/02 1:04 pm

Yes, Kevin. Was at the mico-car museum in Madison, Ga. He was from Cleveland & is a neon light maker. Nice guy. Don't remember his name. Funny last name. Larry

mcriverbug 1/27/02 6:51 pm

Kevin, The Guy from Cleveland is Atti Bethlenfalvy he is good at finding microcars

bltlar 1/27/02 9:10 pm

YES, that's the guy. Should have said the name was difficult for me to remember, not funny. Larry

tinyauto2 1/27/02 10:04 pm

I know Atti. He is a great one to know when it comes to miro cars. Connie and I stayed at his place when we went out there last summer. He had several micros to look at that were for sale. I bought 4 rough Fiat Autobianchi Bianchinas. If you want it, Atti can find it. Kevin Golden.

goggomobils 1/28/02 4:15 pm


"If you want it, Atti can find it."

Yes I can - just about!!! LOL


bltlar 1/28/02 5:33 pm

ATTI. You must know everyone. Could not believe everyone from New England to the West knows you. HA HA Larry

stevie_22847 2/6/02 2:27 pm

I'm still searching for any info on my H-mod. The oldest info comes from a auction in Dover, Ohio The(1985) John A Larson auction? Anyone have any info where he may have obtained it? Thanks!