First Drive

My first Crosley drive!! WoW!

iamrustless 2/10/02 12:08 pm

Well, my Super Sport showed up this morning. Drove it up and down the street. Feels like school bus tires on a cold morning....hard tires, with flat spots. But hey, they look like original tires, so I guess that is to be expected. First order of business...replace those tires! I have to say... I LOVE IT! What a car! I look forward to driving to some meets in New England..If I can locate some. I haven't had this much fun in a while! I posted some pics too. Hal

bobby82842 2/10/02 4:23 pm

Bias ply,nylon tires. They straighten out after they get hot and you drive them for a while. Bobby

iamrustless 2/10/02 5:32 pm

Just like the bus I used to drive...but these have PLENTY of sidewall cracks, tread is low, and rubber seems hard and shiny. Baby needs new shoes! I'll check locally to see what I can find. Hal