Exports (Crosmobile)


eldridge 10/15/98 11:26 pm

Were Crosleys exported to any other countries, other than Canada?

Jim_Bollman 10/15/98 11:45 pm

Yes, Crosley exported a few cars, I have seen ads for Japan and I understand they also went to other countries. They called the export Crosmobile. Jim...


What are Crosmobiles

mcriverbug Mar 24, 2002 5:35:44 PM

What is a Crosmobile? and How does it differ from a Crosley?

Jim_Bollman Mar 26, 2002 9:17:41 PM

The Crosmobile was the export version of the Crosley. Some say they used Crosmobile to avoid confusion with the English Crossley.

It was primarily a trim change with different name on the emblems, caps and instruments. Some right hand drive units were probably made for countries that drive on the wrong side.


crosleys Mar 26, 2002 12:57:58 AM

The Crosmobile was Crosley's export name. As far as I know, the cars are identical except for the hubcaps, instrument gauge, radio, and front emblem which read "Crosmobile" instead of "Crosley". Some were also right-hand drive. I believe all models were used. I have a Super Sport, and I know others have seen Station Wagons and Sedans. I don't know what years they were exported, or what countries were targeted. Mine is a '51.

Can anyone supply any more information? I would like to get copies of any literature anyone might have.

Curt Schoellerman