Crosley & Crosley Specials

BARNlll 9/17/99 5:11 pm

I ordered the book "CROSLEY and Crosley Specials" by Brooklands...I look forward to reading it! I ordered this book from Classic Motorbooks and had them send it to me overnight air...I have been reading it today. What a great motor! toio bad the hot shot and super sports were not given a better trans and more horsepower! Now I have to get a Crosley!!!

Jim_Bollman 8/15/01 8:11 pm

Since I see the above book bid up to twice the list price on eBay I though I would mention that it can be bought at for $19.95 plus shipping.

It is a book of reprints from magazine articles.

Here is their description:

"The story of Crosley production cars and the successful Crosley powered racing specials from their inception in 1939 up through the early sixties. Also reported on is the 1951 Le Mans entry 'Le Biplace Torpedo'. Sftbd., 8"x10 3/4", 92 pgs., 180 b&w ill." (1998)