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What to Pack in Your Driver

CrosleyCupCake - 05/06/2002 11:33 PM

Do any of you carry some kind of basic tool box or emergency kit when traveling or driving your Crosley?  What should be in it?  (for example...a quart of oil, some fix-a-flat stuff, belts, wrenches,
Please help me by making a list of the things you think are essential.

Crosley19 - 05/11/2002 7:15 PM

If you break down with your Crosley, just pick up the front bumper, and push it home like a wheel barrow! Just Kidding. I have found to carry a spare fan belt, water pump coupling, condenser, and some tools to change these parts. Other than that if anything else goes wrong you will need to tow it home.

tmkldwwj - 05/12/2002 8:36 AM

"Push it home like a wheel barrow"  I love it.  I remember when I  brought home a 50 Sedan for crosleyhotshot.  It had flats all around  and was in pretty bad shape.  I had it on the back of a pickup.  My father was standing there when I arrived and asked "how are you going to unload that wreck?"  My son and I recruited 2 neighbors and lifted it off.  Everyone was amazed, including me.  Anyway, don't forget to carry spare oil and fluids in your possibles box.

Jim_Bollman - 05/12/2002 4:36 PM

My FarmOroad doesn't have a lot of spare space to carry extra parts and tools but I do have an adjustable wrench and a screwdriver along with some bailing wire in a zip lock bag under the seat, with some rags.  Of course the lug wrench and a small piece of plastic shaped like a pry bar to take off the caps with out scratching the wheels. Not sure where to hide a jack.
Here are a few things I have carried in past Crosleys when I was driving any distance.  The first part sort of just stayed in the Crosley:
    Plastic jug with 50:50 water antifreeze
    Engine oil
    Known good or rebuilt fuel pump
    Spool of electrical wire 14 gauge
    Plumbers metal hanger strapping
        (comes in rolls about 1/2 inch
            wide with holes)
    Bailing wire
    Seal All (comes in a yellow and red tube
         stops gas and water leaks)
    Electrical tape
    Duct tape
    Bag of assorted bolts, nuts and screws
    Screw drivers and wrenches used
        normally on the Crosley
    Wire cutters
    Vice Grips
    Water pump coupler
    Set of points
    at least 1 extra spark plug and plug wire
    Distributor cap and rotor
For longer trips (over 100 miles) I added the following because you might find a place to repair the Crosley but parts would be a problem.
    Clutch and pressure plate
    Spare usable or rebuild carburetor
    Gallon of Gas ;-)
    Club roster so you have a friend to call.
I have never broke a Crosley fan belt they are so over sized for the use.
You basically should only take along stuff you are willing to change along side of the road.  I use Tillotson carburetors because in a pinch you can work on them along side of the road (I have when a float broke loose) I would never open a Carter anywhere but on my work bench.
Now that I'm older and have more sense, probably the most important think to carry with you is a AAA card and maybe a cell phone.
I'm not kidding about the roster. Back in my young and foolish days a Crosley friend in a Homelite powered 49 wagon and me in my 52 Super Sports got the idea to drive the 450 miles to the Nationals one year.  Leaving early in the morning the SS ran flawlessly.  The Wagon had 3 or 4 flats (never use regular tubes in radials), some assorted other minor problems and then had a blade let go on the fan that went through the tank of the radiator and then bent forward and through the core.  We had spares of just about everything but a radiator and fan.  I looked at the map and the roster and made a call to the closes member (about 25 miles away).  Turned out the member was a teenager, he and his father came out with a chain and towed the wagon to his house.  By now it was suppertime and we had only gotten a little over 100 miles.  They fed us then we went to the garage where he dug out a spare radiator and fan to loan my friend, help us put it in and offered us a bed for the night.  We declined and decided to go back home and start the next day in my modern car (72 Pinto).  We made the 100 miles home in a little over 2 hours with out one problem. Crosley people are great people.

timtmaker - 05/20/2002 4:47 PM

When I was using my Crosley as a daily driver I didn't carry too much around town... just some wrenches, pliers and a quart of oil-- Just enough  that it would fit under one of the front seats.  oh.. and the spare tire and jack.   The one time  I took  the Crosley on an overnight road trip i took a whole lotta stuff, including:
    grease gun
    standard tool set including wrenches, screwdrivers, hammer, pliers
    bailing wire and electrical guage wire
    jar of hose clamps, zip ties, assorted  bulbs
    bolts and washers
    portable air pump (bike pump)
    extra oil, gas and a gallon of water
I brought a spare generator and extra brake pads and probably should have had water and fuel  pumps, although none of these gave me any trouble. I can't imagine that you'd ever break an fan belt, although I guess you might throw one.
CrosleyCupCake - 05/15/2002 11:11 PM
Thanks everyone for giving me some hints for my tool box.  I printed everybody's list (including the wheel-barrel idea) :o)  and will start getting some things together.  Our trips probably won't be over 20 miles one way...but one never knows.