crosleyhotshot 6/8/00 3:55 am

I need help I have replaced the speedometer cable on my 50 wagon but it is not working. the gear is working and it is turning all the way from the tranny to the dash. the speedometer will also turn freely without the cable but once I hook it up it doesn't work. please help me if you can.



imperial51 9/19/00 9:19 pm

I just brought my Hot Shot home from the garage where it was getting back into running condition. The trip was about 50 miles and was a real blast. The car ran very well and certainly attracted a lot of attention. One bug still in it is the speedometer is noisy and bounces around - sounds like a gear is bad inside. Any tips or does anyone out there have a speedometer? Reply to gacker@pgh.net if you wish. Thanks.

johnniemann1999 9/20/00 8:58 am

In the back of the speedometer housing is a oil hole, a little oil there may help. John 2118n Ill.

Jim_Bollman 9/20/00 8:53 pm

I have found that noisy and jerky speedometers are usually the cable grabbing and sticking. Pull the cable out (you can do that from the speedometer end) clean it well with solvent. Use a good lubricant like spray lithium grease and spray some down the empty casing and rub some on the cable. Slide it back in and work it into the gear by twisting.

If you oil the speedometer head use a good quality clock oil. Never use WD-40 on either the head or the cable. It is a temporary fix and it will be a lot worse next time.

The other problem that causes jerking with the VC models is it is a tight bend to get it back into the drive train hump and into the transmission, you need to keep that as large a radius bends as you can. There was a dealer letter back in 1950 suggesting to cut a hole through the floor above where it goes in the transmission and run the cable inside the cockpit. I have actually seen this on a few VCs.