Jim_Bollman 9/19/00 9:11 pm

The chrome nosed radio that CrosleyCupCake pointed to on eBay is the more traditional dash radio in the prewar Crosley. One that looks a bit like yours Dan, was used starting in early 1950, made by Philco. Not sure if it replaced the Motorola completely or just filled a gap in shipments. Jim...


Motorola Car Radio Connections

crosleyss 10/4/00 10:11 pm

Anyone know about the hook up on a Motorola Crosley car radio. It appears as though the antenna hooksup on the top above the on/off knob, then on the side are connection ports for BAT, GND, VC, and SFLD. I assume the BAT is battery lead, does anyone know on the positive ground system, this would be positive from your battery right? Then the GND, or ground would actually be the positive from the battery. I then assume the VC is for voice coil or speaker connection. What is the SFLD? Any help on the connections? I don't want to burn out my radio. =) thanks

chuckhk1941 10/5/00 11:37 am

Battery goes into car + ground---the wire going to the battery will be the HOT wire,(-)side of battery.


Crosley/Motorola Radio

wavy48_99 10/3/99 9:34 pm

Recently purchased a radio which has a Crosley face plate but has Motorola stamped in case of radio itself. can anyone help me . Is this a after market? Also would this be a positive grd radio?

trainnut2 10/4/99 5:59 pm


Jim_Bollman 10/4/99 6:45 pm

TrainNut is mostly right. The large majority of radios for the postwar Crosley were Motorola. They have a chrome nose that sticks through the dash. A few I believe Philcos were also sold for a while, I would have to go through the files to find the details, no time right now. The prewar Crosleys used a real Crosley radio but are very rare. I have only seen 1 in over 30 years. They look a lot like the fairly common Romeo but actually fit through the dash on the drivers side. Powel Crosley sold out his radio division in the early 40s to devote all his energy to cars so could not use his on radios and Avco that bought out the radio and appliance business didn't make car radios. I read somewhere that Crosley sold out his car radio business even earlier to what then was a little start up company, called Delco. Jim...

Crosley_AZ 10/8/99 9:56 pm

The radio I have is a Motorola for my 51 wagon. Is all of the radio in one box?? I know some early car radios had 2 boxes (cases) under the dash. I am wondering if I have all of the radio or not.

BUGGER5913 10/8/99 10:52 pm

"Precious" has the Motorola radio also and it is a single case, so I'm sure you all that was supplied.

wavy48_99 10/10/99 8:59 pm

Thank you all for the info on my radio, now I have some questions. All my tubes light but I don't receive any sound, first, is the VC for the speaker? In my 56 Chevy when I turn on the radio the vibrator hums right away. my Crosley radio will not hum. I removed the vibrator and when I shake it something rattles, I don't believe that is supposed to happen. Any ideas?, any parts?

bancroftr35 10/11/99 9:20 am

It very likely is the power supply that is bad..the vibrator and filters go first...there is replacement solid state supplies to get rid of the vibrator....when you shake it you are hearing the reed move, that doesn't mean anything

BUGGER5913 10/11/99 9:36 pm

Wavy, mine doesn't rattle, nor does it hum, you may not be able to find a replacement. However I think a radio restoration shop or an electronics shop can retro fit your old vib with solid state components, this is the route I'm going to take with mine, I have not gotten around to it yet. You can find radio restorers on the web at Hemmings Motor News web site. TOM


Chrome Nose Repair

the_heidi_dog May 3, 2002 2:37:07 PM

Hi Gang,

I recently purchased a CY8 for my 49 pickup and discovered it was missing the output transformer labeled T-3 on the schematics.

Radio Page

Can anyone tell me any info on that transformer? If you look at the chassis layout, the transform I am talking about is located directly to the left of the vibrator in the empty area.

Secondly, What was the connector label SFLD? I know that the answer to this question was addressed in the old chat room, however I have forgotten the answer. Since there is no mention of it on the schematic I assume it is a no connect and should be missing? I would greatly appreciate any help you can give me.



mcriverbug May 3, 2002 4:08:09 PM

Chris, George Zaha is the man to contact for radio parts and questions. He recently rebuilt my CY8, I am certain he can help you out. His Phone is {248} 393-1732 eves. - John


What Other Similar Radios Did Motorola Make?

fwitham 9/24/01 7:39 pm

HELP, PLEASE, Does anyone know if Motorola used the same radio frame and changed the front for a Crosley radio? I have a chrome front but no radio to go with it. Any help would be great! thanks in advance. Yes I am talking Crosley auto!!! Sparky

Jim_Bollman 9/24/01 7:47 pm

Yes, Motorola did make the same radio with different noses. The other radios are nearly as hard to find as the Crosley version. I think it was a Hudson but I'm not positive. Jim...

wally_48329 9/25/01 6:10 pm

Hudson used the same radio frame and they are very hard to find also. if you want to get all the info. on radios call George Zaha eves. at 248 393 1732. this is the expert of experts. wally


Positive Ground

wavy48_99 9/17/00 7:28 pm

My 48 P/U was changed to neg ground when I bought it. My wiring diagram shows positive ground. I want to install an original radio in this fine truck, I am guessing this radio is positive ground ? Someone please point me in the right direction.

Jim_Bollman 9/17/00 8:05 pm

If your truck is still 6 volt, change it back, to positive ground or do you have other electronics installed. The Motorola radio is positive ground. If you switch back you will have to switch the wires on your Amp Gauge and repolarize the regulator. I'd have to look up which wire you spark to repolorize the regulator. Jim...


Radio Antenna

mcriverbug 2/5/02 4:42 pm

I need a radio antenna for my 47pu and the is a website that has them for sale. I just cant seem to find that page again. Help' and Thanks --John


Transistor Radio

klownskar 10/17/01 9:39 am

Does anyone know of source for a 6 volt transistor radio that will somewhat fit a Crosley?


VW 6 volt Radio

hermnels4 3/30/99 7:02 pm

Will a 6 v VW radio fit in my 52 super sport? Does anyone know where I can find one?


Zenith Radio

kwlstuf 10/7/99 8:46 am

Crosley had a contract with Zenith to make in-dash radios for Crosley automobiles also. I believe these were before the Motorola radios. I have one and it has the same chrome bezel with the Crosley name as the Motorola. It has one less tube than the Motorola but mine plays great! The case is boxier and less deep than the Motorola and they were originally painted black instead of maroon. I've been told it dates to about 1947.


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