Red Cardboard Kick Panels

no_haggle 1/21/02 12:51 am

Does anyone know who is making the red cardboard panels located at the vent door areas of cd's or a method of reproducing them?


Inside Door Panels 47 Pickup

G523601 5/27/99 9:37 pm

I would like to thank everyone for the tech. help they've given me on restoring my 47 pickup. I need original-style door panels and headliner does anyone have these? or make them? or know where I can get some?

MNCrosley 5/29/99 10:05 am

The panelboard material is the same type the Model A Ford people use, a medium/dark tan, cut to size and edged with aluminum strips. I have a NOS interior for a 46-early 47 CC still in the big cardboard package, can get pictures if you want. Good luck

More Pickup

mainiac7 3/1/01 8:12 pm

Does anyone know if the 47 pickup had inside door panels and what they might look like if so? I purchased my Crosley this winter and am trying to make it right. Thanks Rich

Jim_Bollman 3/1/01 11:05 pm

The early pickups did not have any door panels. When they started adding panels they were a solid paperboard material with a brown paper leather grain covering. Jim...



Interior suggestions

Crosley_AZ 10/7/98 9:13 pm

What is good to redo the interior of the car that appears close to the OEM stuff??? Since I am building cars that appear stock I would like to do some thing similar to original. My 51 does have original kick panels, but I don't know how to replicate the rest of the interior.

MNCrosley 10/13/98 4:43 pm

The interior panels on the wagon are cardboard with a grey ribbed pattern. I found an exact grey ribbed pattern at a Sherwin Williams wallpaper store, and you can put that over a correct thickness board. upholstery is not too bad if you have a sedan, check the plain greys available from any number of old car upholstery sources. Good luck, If I get the time I'll get the information from Sherwin Williams.


More info on Headliner Page.