Interior Measurements

imakarknut 5/23/01 9:03 pm

Hi out there: My wife and I are very interested in the little Crosley but as yet haven't purchased one. We were wondering about the width of the cars. We have found info on the wheelbase and the total length but nothing on the width. Any answers? Many thanks! Steve & Carol

silkytwo_99 5/24/01 3:29 am

I have the following information on a 1951 Sedan, I think the Station Wagon would be about the same. Interior width of both front seats together is 42 in. Rear seat 30 in. Depth of front seats 14-1/2 rear 15-1/2. Height of seat front 7-1/4 rear 12. Front seat adjustment 3 in. Head room front 34-1/4 rear 33-1/2. Leg room front 39-1/2 rear 32-1/2. I know your question was how wide is the car, about 48 to 50 inches, but I got carried away.