Mikey33_ 2/11/00 9:56 pm

I have a 50 Super Station Wagon and it is needing a headliner. Is there anyplace that is making them? Any info would be greatly appreciated. Mike - mikeysell@iquest.net

trainnut2 2/12/00 6:16 am

Take the car to a professional interior shop, they can custom make a headliner for you. I don't know of anybody that is making them at the moment. Barry

MNCrosley 2/12/00 12:03 pm

Remember that the headliner is that "poster paper" with a fine ribbed design and painted grey on the Super. Many years ago I found a wallpaper that was th exact ribbing, relief, and color. It can be put on a heavy paper (cardboard) and looks perfect. You may need to see an original for pattern. Good luck. FS

JimBollman 5/5/04 10:05 pm

 Reproduction interiors are now available.

Pictures of Headliner Supports

jon_etheredge 6/4/01 10:59 pm

I have posted some pictures of the headliner supports from my 50 SW parts car. Mike Smith asked what they look like. They are in the album called "Headliner supports". Not great pictures and the parts are pretty rough but maybe they will be useful. Jon

At center of the windshield

Looking Forward

From Drivers Door

Middle Brace


Do It Yourself Headliners

crsoleykid - 3/29/2002 9:29 PM
Has anyone come up with a source for the pressed paper used in the head liners and side panels ? I was at Sherwin Williams Paints today and found a patern that is a good match as far as the pattern goes, the colors were Green and Beige but they can be painted with a latex paint. It also comes in 27" and 54" which would be great for the head liners. Pattern was from [ Basic Textures ] pages 3, 35 and 39.
silkytwo_99 - 03/29/2002 10:38 PM
Chuck1941 said on chat one night that the material is called panel board.  They use it in auto upholstery shops for door backing and headliner backing.  To give Crosley more class we have to quit calling it cardboard and call it panel board.
rwright24127 - 3/30/2002 4:39:AM
The Panel board or "card board" you can get at a auto upholstery shop but it will be a flat board, no pattern. I to bought some of that wall paper but didn't feel comfortable doing it my self. I ask several upholstery shops to do the wall paper on the panel board and was told that it won't be a good idea. The reason is the wall paper is made for a flat non flexable wall, not to bend around corner and flex.
chuckhk1941 - 3/30/2002 5:48 PM
I'll try this again; pannel board for doors (heavy-non design) or grained (black on both sides) board for interior pannels is thinner and will bend, has a pattern or grain on it, black on one side, light on the other, pattern is on the black side. These pannels are at trim shops.

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