Floor Mats

G523601 5/27/99 9:37 pm

I would like to thank everyone for the tech. help they've given me on restoring my 47 pickup. It is almost done, but I'm having a dilemma on the interior, so far it has been restored to original, now I'm debating whether or not to put in carpet, or find a set of original floor mats.

Jim_Bollman 5/29/99 8:13 pm

If you are trying to keep an original look I would go with rubber. If you want some sound deading put some of the fiber material under the rubber. I doubt that you will find a NOS mat and it would be brittle by now anyway. I made a good looking mat out of a rubber truck bed mat. I bought one of the cheaper brands from a discount store to get a thinner material. Doesn't matter what truck it fits but you don't want any large logos in the middle just cut to fit. You may have to cut a few relieve cuts to get it to lay flat. I used the blades from a cheap multi-size hole saw to make a punch to cut the round holes for pedals etc. If you put sound proofing under it cut it a bit smaller so the rubber edges cover it. Not a perfect replacement but better than carpeting and it will not smell musty the first time you get caught in the rain and your windows leak. Jim...