Dashboard Layout & Look

advisor0 2/27/99 8:53 am

Does anybody have any idea whether or not the lay- out, or the appearance, of the dashboard of a 1951 Crosley is identical as that of a 1949? As well, is there any difference between the dashboard lay- outs of different models, within a specific year? Any information you can provide is appreciate.

Jim_Bollman 3/02/02/11:09pm

The later 49 with the square instruments is the same lay-out till the end of production for the CD models. The VC have their on layout as does the FarmOroads. The VCs and the FORs used the round instruments that were used in the 46-early 49 models.

Dash Color

bgameboy – 8/27/06
I'm restoring a 1950 Super Wagon. It is the light green with the red vinyl interior. The dash is red while everything else inside is the light green. Was this the way it came from the factory? The interior appears to be all original. I'm repainting the exterior and interior of the car, but not sure whether the dash should be painted red or the light green. Anybody know what it should be
JimBollman – 8/28/06
Some Super models had a red or gray decal with black graining on it, this may be what you are seeing.