Peek Wildcat

Jim_Bollman 10/7/01 9:33 pm

This is a very strange Crosley variant made for boat racing. It was offered for sale, I wonder how many were made. I copied this piece of literature at the Yankee Regional meet. Sorry I didn't get the name of the club member that had the original. I also copied some Crofton boat literature he had for a yet to be done engine page for the main web site. Peek engine ad is posted in the Engines and Engine Blocks Album. Jim...

speedoo51 10/9/01 8:42 pm

Am I seeing Mirrored TIN BLOCKS? Wonder where the left-hand version was used..available in cast iron too! Didn't know left hand blocks were made that early [1949?] and in both tin and iron ..interesting.. looks like 2-barrel carbs [v-8 60, my guess] and all for $600 bucks..I want one!NEAT! Thanks Jim!!

speedoo51 10/23/01 8:35 pm

Was I the only one impressed by the Peak Wildcat Jr boat engine that Jim posted a photo of, Seb.

crosleycamfollower 10/24/01 9:14 am

No, you were not the only one, that was groovy!

speedoo51 10/24/01 9:35 pm

What impressed me the most of the "Peak" was the engine blocks-the picture shows Tin blocks in righthand and lefthand ports-didn't know reverse Tin blocks were made. The caption also states that one could get either Tin or Iron blocks so that means reverse Iron blocks were available in '49, about 10 yrs before Crofton...Seb.


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