General - Bearcat/Homelite

ferrology 4/9/01 7:15 pm

I was at an engine show about six years ago taking with a boat engine collector, and he said the Bearcat 55 engine was the same as a Crosley, tipped on end, but claimed they were interchangeable. I remember my father visiting a boatyard to look at parts schematics but I don't think he found anything he could use. This man told me he had a stock twin-carb manifold that would bolt on a Crosley. I was just curious if any of that makes sense, I guess it would mean an alternate source of parts if true?

crosley19 4/9/01 11:15 pm

The Bearcat 55 (from what I have learned) is a larger engine, and the crankcase and its parts are not interchangeable, the cylinder assy can be put on a Crosley crankcase.

Jim_Bollman 10/2/99 7:27 pm

Fisher-Pierce bought the rights to build the Homelite (Crosley derivative) boat engine in 1966. Fisher-Pierce was/is the parent company of Boston Whaler Boats. It was sold as the Bearcat 55 until production stopped in 1972. I got this info from Homelite web page.
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