Fisher Pierce Co

BUGGER5913 10/2/99 5:46 pm

Has anyone out there ever heard of a company called the Fisher Pierce Co.? apparently they used to make bearing shells. I found one in an oil pan I was cleaning out today, it is still in the shrink wrap and I found a part# tag 90031 that I think goes to it, who knows maybe there still in business.

Jim_Bollman 10/2/99 7:27 pm

Fisher-Pierce bought the rights to build the Homelite (Crosley derivative) boat engine in 1966. Fisher-Pierce was/is the parent company of Boston Whaler Boats. It was sold as the Bearcat 55 until production stopped in 1972. I got this info from Homelite web page. This is a partial archive left from when Members AOL hosting went away.  If you find it's new home let me know. Hope this helps solve your mystery. Maybe you have a BearCat 55 among the parts you brought home. I know of a couple of members that have converted the 55hp boat engine back into a car engine. They really make a fast Crosley, with double the HP. Jim...

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