Fageol Engine

nelsbove 8/13/00 6:36 pm

I've got a military engine that I can see the outline of the words Faegoel under the army green. What cubic inch are these motors and what is the bore and stroke. Is there a difference in HP? It has a Tillotson carb.

crosley19 8/14/00 10:20 pm

The Fageol engines were to my knowledge all 44 cu. In. If the engine has the carb mounted on the driver side, it was 35 h.p. Instead of the 26.5 Crofton did build some 55 engines, but I don't know if they built any big ones for the military. Barry

speedoo51 8/15/00 7:26 pm

I have literature on the Crofton 53[45hp] listed for boats,

nelsbove 8/15/00 9:53 pm

This engine has the Tillotson carb mounted on the passenger side. It has a alum finned valve cover and steel braided plug wires etc. Openings still sealed in oil soaked cloth or cosmoline, new, never been run. I thought it would be a good eng for a Hot Shot or SS if I ever get one. I am curious about its potential output.

Jim_Bollman 3/06/02 10:25 pm

Some Fageol info is on our Crosley Engine Family Tree page.