Elgin Boat Engine


h_mod 8/19/00 11:20 pm

Am stripping down an old Elgin outboard. Carbs are twin Tillotson (?) into a log manifold. Entire exhaust/intake manifold is water cooled - or warmed, depending how you look at it. Any idea of dates of manufacture? Crank itself has curved tapered reduction to nose. Rear of crank has a single nut holding on the flywheel. This nut is itself toothed, and a connector to drive shaft is slid onto it. The counterweights have a "cast" look. On the 2nd CW edge a fake ID plate is cast in saying "A18". On the other side is a cross with one arm bent followed by "2". On the 1st CW the label "PC872" appears. This may be the so called nodular iron crank referred to by James Broadwell. The oil pump is the HD, fatter type. Main bearing webs are also fatter. Elgin may have been sold by Sears, but I have no idea when. Anybody know?

for365nc 8/20/00 12:24 pm

Elgin was definitely sold by Sears. Believe they were manufactured by West Bend. Check out the Antique Outboard Motor Club Inc. web site at aomci.org/. I think you'll find answers to a lot of your questions.

Jim_Bollman 3/03/02 7:19 pm

Resent information I have found indicates Fageol built the Elgin engine for Sears. Jim...