1951 Crosley Super Sport

cacracer 10/23/00 1:56 pm

I am attempting to track down some race specific parts that are period correct for my Crosley Super Sport, in particular, I am looking for the SuperCharger that was made. Finally, I have heard GOOD and BAD on the supercharger...does anyone have practical experience with it and what were the results. Thanks much...... Christopher M. Shoemaker (VC30327)

h_mod 11/1/00 8:26 pm

If you are interested in Vintage Racing, the supercharger will bump you up a class, most likely.

cacracer 11/2/00 1:28 am

H-Mod, I am currently racing in the VSCCA (Preservation Group) w/ my 1951 Crosley Super Sport. My contention has been that I keep hearing mixed reviews on the Supercharger and what it can do. Have you had any experience with the supercharger and if so what were the results. Thank you ahead of time for replying. Christopher Shoemaker

chuckhk1941 11/2/00 12:22 pm

If your going to run supercharged--You should have the bottom half (crank) supported with steel supports. Some chargers use outside oilers-some use oil from oil pan. If it takes oil from pan you will need a larger pan & modified oil pump pickup. The increase in HP is great hope this helps, Chuck