Small Starter & Engaging Problems

Crosley_AZ 1/9/99 10:19 am

At the Crosley Nationals I saw a small starter on some Crosley engines. The OEM starter on my car seems to want to grind off the flywheel teeth. I have lubed it, cleaned it, fresh 6 volt battery too. What is this small starter off of?? Maybe I need to go to 12 volts with alternator and related pieces. Did you folks see the little track T in Street Rodder Mag?? It's Crosley Powered.

Jim_Bollman 1/10/99 8:55 pm

Usually starter engaging problems are either worn ring gear or bendix gear, if the starter is mounted tight and the bearings are good. The small starters, if you don't mean the small starter that was used from 46 to early 48, were probably from a Homelite or Bearcat boat engine. Jim...