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Cylinder Blocks
chuckhk1941 12/17/99 9:37 pm
Anybody know what color the engine cyl. was painted? Also color of oil pan. Gen I think is black,as is fan, & bottom pulley ??

speedoo51 12/29/99 10:48 pm

A sort of mello yucki green, I think..For some reason I think it was all green except for carb , distributor, starter...

Jim_Bollman 12/30/99 8:52 pm

The engine block was normally light gray on all the cast iron 4 cyl blocks. It is common to high light the raised Crosley letters in red. The Pre-War and some of the tin blocks were a green color, not sure I would describe it as "mello yucki green". I highly recommend ordering "Restoration Tips for Crosleys" (9 pages) from the club, I hope it is still in print since it wasn't listed in the last few Quarterlies. It has evolved over the last 25 years or so to be fairly accurate on how things should be restored. Last I remember it was around $2 plus postage. Check with the club

fwitham 5/21/00 5:20 pm

48 Wagon - Is the original color of engine gray or green?? THANKS in advance. SPARKY

Jim_Bollman 5/21/00 9:58 pm

The early Tin Block was a kind of olive green, by 48 I believe they were just galvanized. The cast iron blocks were a light gray or industrial gray, it is common to highlight the raised Crosley in red.

Conversion Blocks

bugger5913 - 5/06/2002
Hey guys here's good one, the '48 wagon AKA "Merlin" has an interesting set up, or will be when it is complete. In restoring or rebuilding the engine, I have found no paint what so ever on the cast block, however the oil pan is the tin engine green along with the generator bracket and band, also found over spray on the bell housing.
Here's the question, and I checked with another source and I'm merely pooling more info, "Merlin" left the factory in March of 48 with the tin engine installed, at some point later the CIBA block was installed, when no one knows, I'm guessing some where around '49 to 51. I was alternating back and forth on green or gray for the block, but my source thought that if the block came out of the parts house that it was never painted and that it was mounted the existing crankcase which is numbered 36216. I thinking of setting it up as it appeared just after the cobra/ciba conversion. If anyone has seen this set up or has info, let me know.....
Kap - 5/09/2002
If your block came from a replacement kit then the block  was not painted. If not it should be machinery gray with the raised word  "Crosley" painted Chinese red. Hope this helps, Kap