Oil Seals

Oil Seal Front

crosleykid_47025 1/14/01 3:23 pm

Hello, I'm looking for the part numbers for the front oil seal of the 4 cyl. engine. The parts interchange shows Garlock 21158, but I need four additional numbers to match it or if anyone has another part number. Thanks, Doug

Jim_Bollman 1/14/01 5:47 pm

Doug, I don't have a more complete Garlock number, if you get it let me know and I will change the parts interchange list. Looking through my seal collection here are 3 other numbers, maybe one will have a cross reference. McCord - M350902 Victor - 49347 National - 350902 Jim...

jmoskow2 1/14/01 5:50 pm

Check your local auto parts store for National oil seal 353193 John

chuckhk1941 1/15/01 11:49 am

national seal #353193 is replaced by #471765--this seal is about 2/3 the thickness of original seal #350902-I checked today.

chuckhk1941 1/17/01 10:35 pm

using seal #471765--take a 2 inch wide-1/8 inch thick flat washer-enlarge the center hole-use as a spacer-works O.K. This seal is also a double lip type.(better sealing)