Oil Pump

Two Different Pump Sizes

chuckhk1941 4/26/01 6:14 pm

I found 2 different oil pumps--one is much heavier than the other--can anyone give me an answer as to what the difference is,& what they were used on?? Thanks,Chuck.

Jim_Bollman 4/26/01 9:16 pm

My records show the Big oil pump was used from 5/2/52. So all late production and later military engines used it. Jim...

bltlar 4/26/01 10:41 pm

Is the BIG pump better than the regular?? More capacity?

Crosley_AZ 4/27/01 10:15 am

The larger pumps that I have are from military units.

chuckhk1941 4/27/01 6:08 pm

I found the heavy pump has 9 teeth--very close. The smaller pump has 10 teeth-not close--the tighter the teeth the better the pressure.


Stick Relief Valve

hoosiercrosley 1/18/02 9:28 am

Anybody know if a sticky relief valve would cause a oil pump to lose its prime if it sits idle for a few weeks. Thanks, Bo