Oil Pan

Oil pan braces

wavy48_99 8/17/99 9:09 pm

I recently rebuilt my engine on my Crosley and only have two parts left over. They look like corner braces that would go on the corners of the oil pan but with only two, I don't know if they are for the front or back. Could someone please tell me where they go.

Jim_Bollman 8/18/99 9:13 pm

The corner braces go in the front corners with the squared off edge towards the crank.

Oil Pan Sealant

timtmaker - 09/09/2004 5:03 PM
I'm replacing the pan gasket on the Crosley.  Any advice on good sealant to use?  I've used Hylomar and permatex before, both of which left me with leaks.  I've heard that silicon can be used very satisfactorily if you're very careful with the application.  Anyone tried that?
berk.walker - 09/09/2004 5:41 PM
Except for very slow leaks, a pan sealer  isn't even needed.  1st  thing.. the pan has to have "nice" sealing surfaces.  You'll have to  pound out the deformation caused by 50 years of over-tightening the  screws. Straight, flat, parallel. You will probably want to test fit the pan to the engine (no sealer, no  oil in pan) and see how it fits over the mains (engine on a stand  upside-down is really nice)-- don't tighten it.. just check. Silicon sealers work well, if your surfaces are spanking clean, and you  use the right amount everywhere.  It was God's answer to non-available  soft gaskets. It also makes a good filler after something "almost  seals.. 'cept there". I, in the olden days, got to like the Permatex spray gasket sealer.  Be careful to not distort the pan at the screw/bolt holes.  I don't know  what is better, no sealer, for removal and repair of new crankshaft  seals, etc, or cleaning the sealer off should some run-in problem be  found.
Crosley19 - 09/09/2004 7:30 PM
Use silicone only in the corners of the front and rear seal cork  gasket. I glue the rear seal cork, and side cork gaskets to the  crankcase with 3M super weatherstrip adhesive(This will glue the  gaskets into place, and hold them from slipping out as you install  the pan.). Make sure the side gaskets slip under the rear seal cork.  This is where you apply a small blob of silicone sealant, either red,  ultra black, or ultra grey. Glue the front seal cork to the oil pan.  DO NOT CUT IT OFF, LET THE EXCESS STICK UP EQUAL ON BOTH SIDES! place  small blobs of silicone where the side cork gaskets meet the front  seal. I then use plastic gasket from Loktite on the side cork  gaskets. This stuff used with the plastic gasket primer will  fill .020 gaps, and seals the corks so they do not seep. I have not  had any leaky oil pans since I have been doing this.
chuckhk - 09/10/2004 9:36 AM
On every bolt, screw-- in the pan put a dab of silcone on the threads- -if the gasket leakes this will stop the oil from leaking out the  threads-Keeping the thought that you only have about a 1/8-1/4 inch  between the oil and bolt--DO NOT use to much Silicone anywere--if it  gets to the oil pump it will clog the SCREEN.
timtmaker - 09/09/2004 7:57 PM
This is great!  Exactly the kind of expertise I was hoping for!