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Oil Splashing

installerjack 7/2/01 11:04 pm

But what about what ccc was saying, how would oil get to the wrist pins and cylinder walls(unless we ran ceramic pistons)

Jim_Bollman 7/3/01 9:58 pm

I don't think you will have a problem with enough oil on the wrist pins and cylinders. Remember you will have oil leaking out around the rods being flung all over the place before it drains back to the sump to be pumped out to the external tank. A second proof is the Bearcat/Homelite ran vertical and had no oil for the crank to splash around in for the top couple of throws. If you are really worried add a pee hole in the rod. My 58 Willys FC has these, they squirt oil in the general direction of the cam in the FC but you could drill them to squirt up in the wrist pin piston area. Jim...