Oil Additives

wyye 9/15/99 1:49 pm

Surely advancements in technology over the last half-century have resulted in improvements in the development of the multitude of well known standard engine lubricants commonly sold at parts houses and service stations. Add to these the developments of a myriad of specialty engine oil additives over the past 5 decades, such as Wynn's Friction Proofing - Shaeler's Rislone - STP - Slick 50 - etc., and by logic, if nothing more, one should reasonably conclude that among these something, or a combination, should be better for lubricating Crosley engines than was recommended in owners manuals, or by service stations of the day. I would like to know if anyone/s have determined which engine oils, with or without special additives, are proven to prolong Crosley engine life, and / or, performance, and additionally, which, if any, engine lubrication products are not recommended. Thank you for sharing your experience and information.

BARNlll 9/15/99 2:11 pm

The only thing additives like STP does is thicken the oil. Slick 50,well Teflon was not made for auto engines,and I've read that a oil filter will remove it. I's say just use a good brand of oil and change the filter with each oil change.

trainnut2 9/15/99 8:55 pm

I am the Director of Maintenance for a large trucking co. and go to a lot of different schools and classes on motor oils. so here goes......the heavier the oil the hotter it runs, the lighter oils can run up to 100 degrees cooler. Non detergent oil is designed so the first time the oil gets hot, a paraffin separates from it when the engine cools down, and lays in the bottom of the oil pan. every time you shut down the engine, say overnight the dirt and metal particles fall out of the oil and stick to the paraffin, hence you used to have to take off the oil pan every year and wash out the crud from the bottom of the pan. If your Crosley has an oil filter, then run a multi-weight detergent oil, preferably a 20w-50. Crosley needs a heavy oil to displace wide clearances in the internal engine parts. 20w-50 oil is a 20 weight oil at all times, it's just that when it gets hot it pours at the same rate a straight 50 weight oil would at the same temperature. that gives you cooler running temperatures, with the benefits of a heavy weight oil. An oil filter cannot remove Teflon, because Teflon is in a liquid state when added to the oil, an oil filter will only remove dirt and particles larger than 5 micron.

BARNlll 9/15/99 9:38 pm

Thanks for the information! I have a Russian motorcycle,and we have been talking about oils -well-oops bad pun!-seems like forever! My grandmothers Crosley may of been a 47-50.I will find out!