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Crosley Engine For Power

ttdjm 9/15/99 9:14 am

Can a Crosley engine be overhauled for power verus racing. I need info on this for a project in a couple of years. Built not for racing but I need all the power I can get. What parts would I need and would this work on a Crofton engine as well? What about a turbo charger? Would all of this fit under a pre war hood? Tom Did the Crofton Brawney Bug come with dual wheels?

trainnut2 9/15/99 8:31 pm

The little Crosley engine has been modified all the way up to 100hp and turn 12,000 rpm. I would not suggest going that far. 50 hp can be gotten easily with pistons, cam, and dual carbs, but this must be done with a steel crank, trust me on this one. If you need to know more on this e-mail me