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gtv6164s 12/15/98 6:20 pm

Hi, I am looking for manuals (service, repair, part, etc) for the US military generator bellow. It was made in the mid 1950's. Model number CE-50-AC. It has a Crosley 4 cylinder water cooled motor, crank and electric start, 5KW continuos output. It's outside dimensions are 57" X 26" X 36" mounted on metal skids, and is fully enclosed. It puts out 1 & 3 phase power, and has a control panel. I have included all of the written information on the generator. Any and all help is greatly appreciated. Thanks, --Greg Fosmark Duvall, WA
Outside cover right side:
6115-376-6999 GEN. KURZ & ROOT
MDL. CE-50-AC P.6-55 SER. 2085

Outside bellow control panel door:

6115-376-6999 GEN. HOLLINGSWORTH
MDL. CE-50-AC SER. 2085

Inside of control panel doors:

Left door wiring diagram and 5 KW MDL. CE-50-AC
Right door power type and wiring diagrams for output:
120 1 phase
120/240 1 phase
120/208 3 phase
120 3 phase

On the generator plate:

John R. Hollingsworth Corporation
Cliffton Heights, PA
Gen. 5KW AC
Serial # 284-A-6563N245
Model # KR-50-GH
K.V.A. 6.25 PF 0.8 C.P.S. 60 3PH
V.120/208 1PH V. 120/240
Amps 30/17.3 52/26
RPM 3600
65degrees C.
EXC. ARM Volts 50 Amps 0.38

Motor Plate:

Crosley Motors Inc.
Cincinnati, Ohio
MFGR Model # 304926
Serial # 137658C
Date of MFGR 12/31/52
HP 21 at 3600 RPM

Magneto plate:

Wico Model X
Spec XVS-2331

lboulerice 6/28/00 10:11 pm

Can anyone tell me the horsepower rating of an Army generator engine? I have one that is dated January 1952, as best as I can tell. I am going to put it in my project car. I don't have a clue on it's specs. I was hoping someone might have some information on one. Thanks

Jim_Bollman 6/29/00 9:07 pm

One of my generator engine has a plate on the water jacket that gives slightly lower compression numbers than a standard car engine and lists 21HP. I have a different generator engine in an FOR. It doesn't have the plate. It doesn't feel that much different than other Crosley engines for power. Not sure if it is also 21hp or if there were different ratings for different generator engines. Jim...