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mcriverbug Apr 23, 2002 8:44:11 PM

I have an early 47 with the voltage regulator mounted on the inner passenger fender.It is about 2x3 inches,one set of points that spark when I push them closed with the motor running.There is a wire coming off the generator to the regulator then out of regulator to the wiring harness. The engine has the small generator. Is this the proper regulator,if so how can I troubleshoot the not charging problem. Every car picture I see with the hood open seems to have the regulator mounted on the firewall,my car does not and there are no telltale holes in the firewall from ever having been mounted there. Any suggestions where I can find wiring diagrams for the regulator and charging system.All other wiring on the car works fine. Thanks -


Jim_Bollman Apr 23, 2002 10:41:25 PM

The small generator used a small cutout relay mounted on the generator. It sounds like you have an after market replacement. It basically charged full or not at all by controlling the field wire.


mcriverbug Apr 24, 2002 9:27:18 AM

Jim, I have a spare large generator and matching water pump, it sounds like I should change to the Voltage regulator on the firewall for any kind of reliability. Where could I find a color and wiring diagram for this regulator. It looks like only 3 wires on the firewall regulator, but I need a wiring diagram. Thanks -


crosley19 Apr 24, 2002 7:58:55 PM

Clean the area around the generator terminals. One will be marked F, and the other A. The voltage regulator will be marked on the post where the wires fasten to. One is marked F(field), one A(armature), and one B (battery). Connect the field terminal of the gen to the fielf to the field terminal of the voltage regulator, connect the armature terminal of the gen to the armature terminal of the voltage regulator. Connect the battery terminal of the voltage regulator to the constant hot terminal of the starter solenoid (the big terminal that goes to the negative battery terminal) Now you must POLARIZE the generator ( this is to tell the generator which terminal on the battery is hooked to ground. To do this take a small piece of wire and jump the battery, and armature terminals of the voltage regulator for a split second!! If the generator and voltage regulator are good it should charge. You may want to try and polarize the voltage regulator you already have on the car, as this may start it working again. A lot of times when the battery is removed from the car the voltage regulator will forget it's polarity, and you will have to polarize it again. Hope this helps you.


Jim_Bollman Apr 24, 2002 10:16:24 PM

The directions that Barry gave sound about right but if you want pictures the Service Manual that Service Motors sells for $17 has wiring diagrams.


mcriverbug Apr 25, 2002 8:49:48 AM

Many Thanks to JIM & BARRY for all your time and help. - John