Fuel Pumps

Fuel Pump Keeps Going

Crosley_AZ 3/17/99 8:48 am

Well......after fresh gas, another fuel filter at the pump (2 filters in place) my 51 keeps starting and running. I could not find a 6 volt electric pump. I was afraid to buy a 12 volt unit @ $42.00 and try that. Any body use the carb with an accelerator pump in it, rather than the Tillotson unit? I can't get my Tillotson to stop dripping at the bottom mixture adjustment screw.......Tony


Crosley fuel pump needs repair

allanlgoode 5/3/99 7:22 pm

I just purchased a great 47 Crosley ice cream truck! The fuel pump puts more fuel on the engine than in it. Where do I find parts, or replacement? Is it true that I can replace with a Ford from 34-41? Thanks, Allan

trainnut2 5/4/99 8:22 pm

Call Dave Edwards for a fuel pump at 419-589-5767 he is located in Mansfield,Ohio



johnniemann1999 1/31/02 2:10 pm

I would be interested in seeing bulletin # 25. where can we see one. John

Jim_Bollman 1/31/02 7:51 pm

The oil pump rebuild article has been reprinted in the current club Quarterly at least twice. I have scanned the article and put it in the Default Club Folder #2. Good Luck Jim...