Fuel Line

Fuel Line Replacement

cosmicray48236 8/22/01 11:33 am

I need to replace the steel fuel line from the tank forward to the engine compartment on a 47 CC. May I use copper line or is it better to replace the steel line with a new steel line. Thanks Skip

bltlar 8/22/01 12:10 pm

On my HS used steel brake line. Don't know why could not use copper as it should not work harden in the few miles we run. Brake line is correct thread and cheap, but in time may rust. Thought about very short steel and rubber fuel line.

hopscreen 8/22/01 2:15 pm

Some rubber fuel line will not hold up under modern gasoline. Use fuel injection rubber line, which is believe is marked 30R9, and a lot more expensive than regular rubber. I have some new old rubber lines that I can't use because they actually dissolve in today's gasoline.

chuckhk1941 8/22/01 5:34 pm

The use of copper for fuel lines is a no-no. They claim it's to soft to be used as gas line. Unsafe!!

crosley52 8/25/01 1:12 pm

Why would copper be unsafe when a lot of the new cars use plastic???


47 CC fuel line routing

cosmicray48236 12/4/01 8:29 pm

Can someone describe for me the correct placement of the fuel line after it enters the engine room. Also need to know if the metallic line is carried all the way to the fuel pump or is a piece of neoprene inserted to take up movement between the engine and the car body that the fuel line is attached to. Thanks Skip